The Sweet Side of Real Estate: Cookies

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While much of my advice is aimed towards buyers, sellers, and homeowners, today I am going to cover one of my favorite things: COOKIES! Cookies are one of life’s greatest treats. Will Ferrell once said, “Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions.” I have to think that cookies are a close second.

Wait a minute, Denise; cookies have nothing to do with real estate!

That may be what you think, but cookies play many roles in the real estate world. Albeit some of them are absolutely ridiculous, many of them are rational and delicious (unintended rhyme).

Cookies play a role in each step of the home-owning process, whether you want to believe it or not. I will explain my logic and give you some examples of how you could employ “cookie tactics” to sell your home.

Those of you that know me well know that I love sharing recipes with friends, family, and past clients alike! So, I will conclude by sharing one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes to assist you in your real estate adventures.

Step 1: Selling Your Home

Let’s assume that you already own a home and are looking for an upgrade on  You have found a couple of suitable options, but you need to sell your home first. For those that believe in pampering potential buyers, cookies are a staple that have been used for years to entice people at showings. However, MSN Real Estate recently reported on how free cookies at your showing have no effect on whether or not your house will sell.

Okay, that one is pretty believable. However, there is plenty of evidence that suggests cookies do have an impact on your open house or showing, but in a different way than you would imagine: scent marketing. That’s right, free cookies may not affect how appealing your home is, but baking some chocolate chip cookies beforehand can leave your home smelling like heaven. Many realtors use this tactic as it leaves people thinking about home and imagining living and cooking in the environment.

Step 2: Buying Your Home

As I mentioned before, many realtors employ “cookie tactics” for different reasons. Some of them like to provide a free snack for interested buyers, others like to leave properties smelling like fresh cookies, but what about when you buy your new home and get settled in? Some realtors will send small gifts to past clients, but you’re forgetting something very important!!

After you have successfully moved into your house, it will just be you, your house, and your neighbors. Oh yeah, the neighbors! What better way to make a great first impression with your neighbors than to drop off some freshly baked cookies?

Step 3: Living in Your Home

Oh boy, my favorite! Cookies are great anytime of the year. Sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter, you name it, and you could be adding that extra touch during Christmas time, fall, Halloween, Easter, and many other times of the year! But with so many family recipes, commercial recipes, and pre-made options, how do you know which cookies are the best?!

Recipe Time!

This recipe can be found by following this URL: Made famous by Alton Brown on his television show Good Eats, this recipe for chewy chocolate chip cookies that are to die for! I know, I know, what makes them the best, Denise?! Using bread flour instead of all-purpose flour provides extra glucose, making the cookies chewy and dense instead of light and airy. That’s my kind of cookie.

This week’s post was a little different, but I hope you enjoyed it and give those cookies a try, you won’t regret it. There is much more to real estate than just buying and selling all the time. Try to find some fun in the process! That being said, if you would like to come in to the office and talk about your real estate goals, click the “Contact” button above, and I might be able to arrange some cookies for the meeting. I can’t make any promises that they’ll last all day though, this office loves their sweets!

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