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Planning to sell your house in Dayton, Ohio?

We know that this can sometimes be a difficult process. With all the memories that you’ve left on your property, it is sometimes hard to let go of all the fun times you’ve had in your property.

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With Denise Swick and Company, we can help you make the transaction a bit smoother. As the top realtor Dayton Ohio, you are guaranteed of the best service from start to finish.

Denise Swick and Company is a team of a local realtor in Dayton, Ohio willing to help you on how you can get the most out of your property. Whether you are selling the property because you are looking for a bigger place, or you simply want to sell it because it has appreciated in value over the years, our knowledge and experience in real estate will guarantee that you are going to have the smoothest transaction to sell your property.

As a long time realtor of homes and commercial property in Dayton Ohio

we are aware that it isn’t as simple as posting an ad on Craiglist and waiting for an interested buyer to contact you. It is important that your property is marketed the right way in order to get the right number of interested parties. And in reality, it does take some time and effort in order to get the property ready in its best shape possible.

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Denise Swick and Company is dedicated to making sure that your property is going to stand out from the rest of the other properties in the area.  We offer effective marketing campaigns that can help boost the number of eyeballs looking at your property. Denise Swick and Company is experienced in utilizing both traditional and online marketing strategies that can get your home to the right price.

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Our fast and professional service will make sure that any of your inquiries will be handled efficiently by our certified and trained real estate agents that have specialized in dealing with the real estate market of Dayton, Ohio and other nearby places.

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How do we do it?

What is the current market value of your property? Pricing a property is a crucial part of the entire process. Could you imagine if you are selling your property below its market value? Of course, our goal is to make sure that you make the most out of your property. And we can do this by checking the entire property.

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We can poke around the property and uncover things that could reduce the property’s value. We can also provide you with all the right information regarding how you can improve the property and by how much. With our experience in the industry, Denise Swick and Company can give you small measures that can mean a huge difference in your property’s value.

Next, once the price has been set, it is now time to find a buyer for the property. Let’s admit that there are also other properties that are up for sale. What we do is to make sure that we put ourselves in the shoes of potential customers. What do they like to see? What makes a property stand out for an average buyer? With our years of experience in real estate, we provide the best approaches that have been proven effective over the years.

Before we post your property, we first take photos of the property with the help of our team of professional photographers. With this, we highlight the best parts of the house and give you the advantage that you need. Once we have the photos ready, we will then create the best content that can get the attention of potential buyers.

We make use of both traditional media and the World Wide Web to maximize the number of people paying attention to your home. Also, we post your property in multiple listing services to further maximize the number of views on your property not only by potential buyers but also by their agents.

We will then advertise open houses in order to further convince them that your property is the right one for them.

And once there’s someone interested in your property, you can guarantee that Denise Swick and Company is going to watch over your interest. For instance, if the buyer is offering below the asking price, we can do the negotiations on your behalf to get the offer up to the most decent price. We are experienced in providing compromise and other strategies that can work in favor of our clients.

With solid reviews and our number of years in the business, you can only guarantee the smoothest, fastest, and best realtor service with us.

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