Getting Your Home Ready for Sale: Staging

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When you want to sell your home, you want to do everything you can to get it sold if you’re motivated. A lot of people look into getting their home staged so that people can more easily picture what a room would look like furnished. While staging is great for your home, there are plenty of amazingly staged home out there, whether professionally or by the owner themselves, that still aren’t selling. Homes sell because they are priced correctly not necessarily because they are staged. So what do I recommend you do?

Staging a home is still a good idea, I’m not saying it isn’t. However, there are drawbacks to it. First, it can be very expensive to stage your home well. I have seen costs in the range of $350 all the way up to $1200, which I think is not going to bring the return. Secondly, like I said above, just because a home is staged doesn’t mean it is going to sell. Like I always tell clients, the home will sell because they are motivated and the home is priced correctly. If the home isn’t getting any showings, the house is upwards of 10% off price and if you are getting low showings with no offers, you could be off by around 5%. If the home is priced correctly you will have plenty of showings and even competitive offers.

Because of these two things, I have come up with a 75 point check list for clients that will help the home show well without having to spend money on staging if you don’t want to. The goal of this check list is so that we present a clean, spacious and clutter free home. It is to make your home show like a home you would want to buy yourself! People are more frequently looking at properties online. Online, they only have the pictures and descriptions to look at. If they don’t like what they see in the pictures, chances are they won’t even give your home a second glance.

On our checklist, we cover just about anything you could think of and that a potential buyer would want to look at. Also as I have tried to keep emphasizing in my blogs, painting, flooring, kitchens and bathrooms are the best returns for your investments, so keep those in mind as well. Here are just some examples of things on our checklist:

Curb Appeal

  • Mow lawn and trim shrubs
  • Clean and Repair patio and deck areas
  • Add a new front door mat and consider seasonal decorations

General Interior Tips

  • Add a fresh coat of interior paint
  • Repair easy fixes: loose doorknobs, cracked molding, leaky taps and toilets, etc.


  • Make sure appliances are spotless inside and out
  • Keep counters clean and empty as possible;


  • Sell, giveaway, or throw out all unnecessary items
  • Provide strong overhead lighting

These are just a few things from our list. The whole list covers individual rooms in your house from the living room to dining room to the master bedroom. There is even a section of things to do when it does come time to show your house. To see what is on the rest of our list feel free to reach out at (937)619-7447. As always feel free to view our current listings online at Dayton Real Estate Online 24/7. When you’re ready to sell your home and are ready to hire the right agent, give me a call! Happy home hunting Dayton!

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