What Common Mistakes do Sellers Make?

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Today, let’s discuss some common pitfalls that home sellers fall victim to when they are not prepared. So, what are some common home selling mistakes?

Overestimating your home’s value
Often times, sellers rely too much on automated home value sites to get their home’s value, instead of talking to a valued professional and getting their personal opinion. 
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Choosing the wrong upgrades
Some improvements simply won’t net you enough profit on your home sale for it to be worth it. It’s really important that you make those key, minor fixes that are going to allow your home to appear its best during showings

Sabotaging your own deal
By neglecting certain practices, many home sellers are missing out on selling their home quickly. If you don’t have your home staged to sell, many buyers will have a hard time picturing themselves and their family in it. We provide a 75 point checklist to all of our clients so they know what they need to do in order to get their home ready to sell. 

Not listening to the initial market response
In our opinion, this is the biggest mistake sellers make. How the market perceives your home in its first 30 days is key to its sale. This is when buyers, who have been waiting and waiting for a good home, are going to come out and look at yours. Buyers are always looking for that home that is fresh on the market.

How do we help our clients avoid these pitfalls? By providing an in-depth equity evaluation to look at the market, property, and tax trends to make sure you have a complete picture of your home’s value. This, combined with honesty and promptness, makes sure you are ahead of the game. 

If you have any questions for us, make sure to reach out to us via phone or email. We’d love to answer them for you!

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