Don’t Repeat this Crucial Mistake Most Buyers Make

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It seems that our buyers are always asking us the same few questions, so today we thought we would share those questions with you, along with our answers. So, our first question: What are some pitfalls buyers can look out for when buying a home? 

The most common mistake that buyers make is NOT listening to the advice of a qualified professional. Instead, they are listening to friends and neighbors who, while they may have good intentions, are not experts on the market.Dayton Real Estate Agent
Another common mistake is not getting pre-approved.Buyers tend to start looking for properties before they really know what they can afford. Unfortunately, we have had quite a few deals that have fallen through because buyers couldn’t get their financing in order.

While Trulia and Zillow are great places to begin your home search, they are not necessarily the “go-to” place for home values. They use algorithms that are designed to estimate the value of a home. There are much better ways to get accurate home values. You don’t want to end up spending $20,000 more than you have to simply because an online algorithm says so.

Here are a few more common mistakes that we see buyers making:

  • Not researching agents and lenders beforehand
  • Forgetting about other costs (inspection, appraisal) associated with a home purchase
  • Being unrealistic about pricing

Probably the most outrageous mistake we have seen a buyer make is going out and buying all new furniture before finalizing the purchase of their home. This is a big no-no. Making purchases on credit before your home purchase is finalized will affect your credit score and possibly affect your ability to buy the home.

As you can see, there are a lot of little mistakes home buyers can make to derail their purchase. If you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We would love to help you navigate through the purchasing process.

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