Celebrity Death Match: Carpet vs. Hardwood

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Okay, so there’s no claymation video of these two going at it, but carpet vs. hardwood is a problem many homeowners are faced with today.

I’m sure older generations remember their homes having hardwood floors throughout, and possibly having carpet covering the old wood in main living areas. The trend quickly changed to favor carpet for the next 20+ years as these hardwood-raised children had families of their own. Today, hardwood is back to the flooring of choice, but should it be?

To truly analyze the two foes, it’s important to compare the price, longevity, comfort, cleanliness, and fashion differences in the battle of carpet vs.  hardwood.

Price & Longevity

These two factors ultimately influence each other, so it makes sense to consider them together. There is no doubt that hardwood is one of the most expensive flooring options out there. Compared to carpet, it can seem drastically out of the budget. That being said, pristine carpet can only last 5-10 years before it needs replaced, whereas hardwood can last as long as your house does, if cared for correctly.


Personal preference will determine the winner in this category. Everyone knows that carpet is softer, warmer, and a more plush option than hardwood. As crazy as this may sound, some people do prefer hardwood floors due to their stable and natural feel. In the end, the flooring you choose will be what you walk on at the end of every day, good or bad.


Let the battle begin. Most people say hardwood is obviously easier to clean and a more sanitary option. Any spills, dirt, or dog hair can be swept up with no lasting effects. More importantly, hardwood doesn’t retain allergens like carpet. Although hardwood is easier to clean, it also shows these undesirables at all times, so it often requires a lot of maintenance to make sure there aren’t tumbleweeds of dog hair blowing from corner to corner.

Depending on how clean your family is, carpet should be vacuumed a couple times a week to stay fresh. Any spills must be dealt with immediately or they can become permanent stains, or as I like to call them, memories. Some people like carpet because it doesn’t show the dirt as much as hardwood. Different colors and styles can make your carpet look like dirt, so a little dirt will blend in with the whole idea! I count cleanliness as another draw, but that is for you to decide.


Finally, an interesting topic. Many older homes have the traditional, narrow wooden floors that just scream 19th century. Today’s hardwood floors come in all different types of colors, styles, and sizes. Some of the most popular trends in hardwood floors today are darker woods cut in wide widths. With the many different stains available, grey, blue, and green tinted hardwoods are also becoming more popular. Overall, hardwood is considered to be a sleek, modern look.

Carpet has also been adapting over the years to be more subtle and comfortable than it has been in the past. Of course, I’ll always be partial to shag carpet, but literally every color and style imaginable is now available when it comes to carpet. Many carpets feature multiple colors and shades, making them look more natural and stain resistant. As we all knew how this round would end, it’s up to your personal decision when it comes to the physical appearance of your floors.

Why Can’t I Have Both?!

I think they’re still working on the hybrid hardwood-carpet, but in the meantime, try a large area rug. Putting a rug in your family room can give you the soft, forgiveness of carpet without sacrificing the modern feel of hardwood throughout your home. Even placing smaller rugs in worn areas of bedrooms can make it a little more comfortable when you wake up in the morning.

So, there you have it. You’re probably more confused about what you want after reading this than you were before, but I hope you see the potential in both styles of floors. In the end, there is no “right” answer. Some buyers are going to prefer carpet vs. hardwood and vice versa. If you are leaning towards hardwood, though, remember that it is the more permanent option, so be confident in your decision!

If you’d like to see the different flooring types in homes currently for sale, visit www.DaytonRealEstateOnline.com or click the “Contact” button above to speak with one of our specialists. We can also recommend contractors for either type of flooring, so you know you are getting a quality product with either decision you make. If you’re thinking about selling your home, flooring changes can be an even more important decision, so feel free to contact me and I can give you my tailored opinion of your home!

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