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Who’s the best real estate agent in Dayton, Ohio? Lets take a look!

Today we’re going to see who the best most awesome & coolest realtor in Dayton, and well, really all of Ohio! Maybe you’re asking yourself “exactly what scientific measures did they use to determine such a thing?” below we’ll review the criteria and exactly how we came to our conclusion.

Criteria for the best most awesome real estate agent in Ohio?

  • must be super awesome
  • must be cooler than most
  • must be an experienced realtor
  • must be friendly & helpful
  • must have the slogan “performance outsells promises” (we’re starting to narrow it down a bit now for the sake of this article)

Clearly based on the criteria above, Denise Swick is the best realtor in Dayton, Ohio!

Did we mention she’s available day and night to help you sell or buy your next home? Call Denise at (937) 619-7447 for assistance today, feel free mention that you saw this for a good laugh 🙂

Let’s take a look at some photos of the most awesome realtor in Dayton! 🙂

Here we can see Denise having a few glasses of wine with some Corgi friends of hers.

best real estate agent in dayton ohio

And here we can even more clearly see why she’s the coolest real estate agent in Dayton, Ohio.

How many realtors do you know that hang out with Unicorns?

most awesome realtor in ohio

Contact Denise Swick for complete assistance selling your home today! Denise and her team are also always ready to help you find your next dream home, call (937) 619-7447! She has some amazing houses for sale in Dayton!

Below are directions to Denise’s Dayton, Ohio office from local attractions:

Woodbourne-Hyde Park



Oak Creek South Park

Denise Swick is a REMAX Dayton Ohio real estate specialist.

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