About Me

Denise Swick, Broker/Team Leader

Denise Swick is a nationally respected real estate broker, leading a talent team of professionals to create memorable experiences for her clients. She uses her understanding of the Dayton area, honed with over two decades of working in the area, to devise the best plan of action for buying or selling a home. Her approach is one of honesty and integrity, looking to give each person she works with unforgettable results.

Her approach to the industry has evolved over time, going from one woman on a mission to developing a team of like-minded individuals with the same drive she possesses. This team approach benefits the people that work with her RE/MAX Performance, providing more attention to every detail of the real estate experience. She is actively involved with each aspect of the business, inspiring and motivating her staff to achieve the best results.

Her willingness to share her experience and leadership extends to her community, both in real estate and in Dayton. She is active in civil life, lending her insights and energy to a variety of local charities and causes. She has added her “Performance outsells Promises” philosophy to the book Cracking the Real Estate Code, a book published by The Nation’s Leading Expert Advisors™ as an aid to home buyers and sellers alike as they prepare to change homes.

Contact Denise and her innovative team at (937) 619-7447.

About the company:

Purchasing a new home or putting your current one on the market does not need to be a daunting task. Denise Swick and Company was created by Denise Swick with the goal of turning your journey into a comfortable one. She has assembled a diverse team of specialists whose first goal is to provide you with unrivaled customer service. The care that our company takes in assembling the members of our team is the same care they will take when putting your house into the market or guiding you to your next home. The decades of industry

Denise’s Best Selling Book: Cracking the Real Estate Code


Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the knowledge contained in Denise’s Best Selling Book, Cracking the Real Estate Code, is essential to anyone looking for an accomplished team of real estate advisors to aid in their next housing adventure.

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