3 Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Real Estate Market

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The Real Estate Market is constantly changing; you don’t need an expert to figure that out. As I have talked about in previous blogs, designing tips such as choice of flooring, kitchen countertops, or paint colors have all drastically changed in the past several years. How do you stay ahead of the game to make sure your home is always at the forefront of new trends?

The answer is research and a few weekends you can set aside every year. Watching television, reading magazines, or subscribing to blogs (such as this one!) are all great ways to stay current on your information. You can pick up easy tips that will make your home more inviting and on the cutting edge of the industry. More important than getting your HGTV fix, if you are serious about continuing to invest in your property value, you have to be willing to make some changes to your home. Making small changes will keep your home from being passed up when you decide to make your next move.

So, how do you know which trends are facts vs. fiction? This can be hard to determine. Just because you know some guy that put a hot tub in his kitchen down the street, doesn’t mean you should follow suit. My best advice to you is to keep tabs on things you hear, and then see if they are still happening a few months or even years later. My point is: you don’t need to be the first one with a hot tub in your kitchen. It might be cool now, but some trends disappear faster than Silly Bandz (too soon?).

Without further ado, I have three trends that I believe are the safest to commit to as of October 2014.

1. Technology Savvy Homes

The iPhone 6 just came out and people are already thinking about what the iPhone 7 will be able to do. Technology is always a safe bet when making changes in your home. Let’s face it, even your grandparents can’t go a day without Facebook. You have probably seen the television commercials of the mobile apps allowing people to turn their water, lights, and furnace off before locking the front door, all while they are driving down the road. Apps like this have been on the rise in the past year or so, and they show no signs of slowing down. Even if you prefer to lock your own door, something as simple as installing window blinds controlled from your phone can be enough to show that guy with the hot tub what new technology looks like.

2. Home Offices

What’s so great about a home office? Okay, I’ll admit, a home office isn’t going to make your home jump off the page, but this is a feature many of today’s homebuyers have on their must-have lists. Technology makes it possible for almost anyone in any occupation to work from home. Some people permanently work from home now because they don’t need to be in the office. Even if your home doesn’t have a designated office space, taking your smallest bedroom and making it a little more formal can show potential homebuyers that the space can be made into whatever they need it to be.

3. Personal Fitness

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know that personal fitness is huge right now! Running, jogging, walking, and biking are bigger than ever and potential homebuyers will keep this in mind when looking at your home. Is your home close to any bike paths or nature trails? Is your neighborhood exercise friendly with plenty of sidewalks? If you answered yes to either of these questions, use it to your advantage! This can be a major selling point. If not, don’t worry, you can still sell your house. Maybe you have an awesome basement that could be great for a workout space or you live really close to a gym. Health and wellness are trends that are going to stick around for a while, so get your house in shape.

In the end, these are just a few of today’s most popular real estate trends. Keep your eyes and ears open, and try to work on your home a few times a year with fresh ideas. At Denise Swick and Company, we are always willing to give advice about home projects or other ways to increase your property value. If you are interested in buying a house with these features, click the “Contact” button above and our buyer specialists will start their search for your trendy home today. Check out current homes for sale on www.DaytonRealEstateOnline.com to get some more ideas or see what is available now! And if you find a house with hot tub in the kitchen, let me know. I might have a buyer…

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